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We not only love it, We WEAR it!
★ ★ Welcome to hetalia_cosplay ★ ★
A place where we all love 2 things in common, Cosplay and Axis Powers Hetalia.
Here you can discuss about how to construct the costumes of your favourite characters from Hetalia/ask for help for styling your wigs/share your cosplay photos/set up your gathering for up coming conventions and so on. You don't have to be a cosplayer to join the community.


The Rules are simple and clear. We hope everyone who join the community respect this small rules.
- This community is a place for Axis Powers Hetalia Cosplay related Topics only.
If you want to post about cosplay from other series please do post on their community.
- Play nice. No flame/wank/bash other people here.
Do remember that not everyone have pretty face and body. Any comments like "Ewww, you're so ugly!" will be delete without warning.
- Do not re-post any pics here without permission from the owners of the pics
We have seen cosplay thief a lot lately, they're poeple who claimed other people's work as thier own. We will try to aviod these incedents here as much as possible.
- Please Do use Tags and LJ cut. For everyone's convenience.
- Have fun! That the most important thing here!